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Opulent Eco

The world's first solar powered off grid carbon fibre lifts 


Carbon Fibre

The cabins and shafts are made out of carbon fibre making it the world's first ultra lightweight production lift incorporating a truly beautiful finish.

Green Operation

The Opulent Eco uses single phase electricity to travel 4 floors in 30 seconds using a solar panel system that produces a minimum of 3kW and requires just 1.3 kW up to 5 times less than our competitors. This is also the only off grid 100% green-enabled elevator in the world.

Elevator Shaft/Pit

Guide rails only need fixing at each floor saving money on the shaft structure. Reduced pit depth keeps it above the water table reducing potential problems in the pit.

Cabin Disabled Access


The largest wheelchairs can turn around in the cabin allowing for front-facing entry and exit.

Preinstalled Elevators 

Our elevators can be pre-installed and tested in up to a 12m carbon fibre shaft and delivered to site in a 40' container, ideal for bridges and external elevators.

Cabin/Elevator Shaft Finishes 

All our cabins and shafts are custom finished and tailored to the designs of the client. 

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