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Our Expertise

We are an experienced UK based team specialising in providing customized fast track low cost construction solutions  to complex problems using steel and/ or fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP). We specialise in Modern Modular Construction (MMC), FRP Ferry Ports, FRP Bridges and Carbon Fibre Elevators.


We take a collaborative approach to every project, working closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations. Our focus on disruptive innovation, cost, speed and sustainability sets us apart from the competition.


Sustainable Solutions

Benefits of Green Buildings

Green Design Solutions

Our team design and build sustainable off site prefabricated construction solutions that reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint and produce almost zero waste. 

Most importantly all of our designs can be installed by unskilled local labour, saving on carbon emissions and providing new skills to local communities.

Off grid Solutions

Our MMC building designs can all be designed as off grid solutions using fresh water from wells, on site human waste treatment facilities and solar power for the buildings and elevators to ensure a high standard of living. 

FRP Ferry Port Designs

Our Ferry Port Designs use only prefabricated floating FRP caissons, pultruded beams and structural decking, reducing the problems that concrete and steel can cause in a marine environment.

Our solutions involve no damage to the marine environment as we don’t drill, pile or reclaim land. As a result of our method, ports are able to be finished quickly and at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction methods.

FRP Bridges

Our FRP bridges allow lightweight construction resulting in smaller foundations, faster installation as they are pre fabricated off site and their light weight means a crane may not be needed.

'Opulent Eco' Carbon Fibre Elevator

Our modular system has been designed to work in conjunction with the Opulent Eco 800kg passenger single phase solar driven carbon fibre elevator with speeds up to 1.0m/s. Carbon fibre means that there is no corrosion from abrasive cleaners or harsh environments. As a result the life of the cabins would far exceed 50 years unlike their steel counterparts.

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